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02/12/2018 17:36
Throughout the summer 2018 I took part in the Summer Intensive Arabic Language Program at the American University of Sharjah. My poem and photos reflect vivid memories of that unforgettable stay. SHARJAH Sometimes when I close my eyes at...
18/10/2014 21:47
"I do a lot of research. A lot. I try to write about society today, about things around us, and I want that to be as accurate as possible. If a character is imprisoned, I´ll go to that prison and see what his surroundings are like. If a character...
20/06/2014 07:55
19. 6. 2014 Brno - Sono Music Club: Gala evening of martial arts "Gods of the Arena" and Final of Miss Czech Driver Girl. More photos here:
09/06/2014 06:27
If you have Ghost then you have everything… I really looked forward to see my favorite band Ghost live and moreover in my hometown. My big wish was to get the opportunity to take photos at their concert. Sadly, I didn´t get a photo accreditation...
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