Ghost, Iron Maiden, 8. 6. 2014

09/06/2014 06:27

If you have Ghost then you have everything…

I really looked forward to see my favorite band Ghost live and moreover in my hometown. My big wish was to get the opportunity to take photos at their concert. Sadly, I didn´t get a photo accreditation from a Czech agency…Nevertheless a friend of mine, who wanted to see Iron Maiden but couldn´t go to the concert as tickets were hopelessly sold out, came with an unusual solution. It means that we run to the hills or more exact we run up the hill and watched the whole concert of both Ghost and Iron Maiden from the woods. There were almost 100 people who did the same because of sold out tickets. The atmosphere was magnificent, the music reached our hearts (and ears) and everyone felt happy.

Please note that I have taken all the pictures from a distance of approximately 800 meters. My telephoto lens was quite insufficient. But it was an adventure! :-)